Opioid Replacement Therapy

Advanced medical equipment at Dr Vorobiev Clinic




I was an opiate addict for 7 years

So mother helped me a lot, she found this clinic, it’s one of the best.

They care so much for someone and you see that doctors really want to get you well.


Heroin addict from Australia

I’ve gone to many different therapies and no solution. So I was looking for a solution on the internet and I came across this clinic.

Oh, but before that, I found another clinic here and when I spoke to the lady she was really rude and thank God for that, because I came to this clinic, the people here are wonderful, really helpful and caring.


Problem with Heroin and methadone

So the people was so friendly, I’ve never seen anything like this you know. All the people, the staff, the nurse, the kitchen staff, the lady that takes you for pool and outside, everybody is brilliant here.

And after my detoxification Its been eight days and I feel great, so I think everybody should come here, this is the place.