Benzodiazepines treatment results

Advanced medical equipment at Dr Vorobiev Clinic




I was an opiate addict for 7 years

So mother helped me a lot, she found this clinic, it’s one of the best.

They care so much for someone and you see that doctors really want to get you well.


My problem was with heroin, intravenous

My opinion or results I expected about the treatment from here or basically what I received was care, professional care from everybody that works here, every employee, they’re very well trained, they know what they’re doing and they’re here to help you.

That’s number one, they’re here to help you and to help you get on with your life in the proper way.


How to kick opiate addiction

The best latest treatment available. I was very surprised. Yes, I’m satisfied.

I’ve been addicted to opiates since I was 15 years old and as I said I’m now 44, I’ve only had minor breaks in my opiate addiction but for the last 28 years I’ve been addicted to methadone